A magical evening at Saltholmen



My name is Lara and I’m from Belgium. From September till January I was an exchange student in Gothenburg. The first day I really got the chance to meet other students was in Saltholmen. It was the end of the summer and around 30 degrees, so we decided to take a dive in the sea. We had so much fun swimming, talking, laughing, eating and drinking there. And we stayed to watch the sunset. I was amazed how beautiful it was. That day was perfect. It was the kick off for a wonderful time in Gothenburg. The first friendships of Swedish Cool Kids (that’s our WhatsApp group name  ) were made and I was excited and curious for what the next days, weeks and months would bring. 

From Lara

An archipelago love story

In July 2016, I visited Gothenburg before boarding a friend's sailing boat in Grundsund. When he asked me to stay one night longer in Gothenburg before boarding, I installed tinder and thought I could find someone to show me the city. I matched with a Swede, who had lived in Gothenburg for a year but hadn't seen the archipelago yet (unbelievable huh?) and so we decided to go to Styrsö together. So our first date was on an island, having a picknick, watching the sunset. Naturally, we fell in love right away and after going on the sailing trip for a week, I returned to Gothenburg and we spend more time together. After half a year, in February 2017, I moved to Gothenburg and we're now happy sambos. What a vacation can change... Anyways, even though I now live in Gothenburg, this will forever be my favorite memory. 

From Lea

Jag reste "Paddan" världen runt

När jag var liten och skulle gå från dagis till förskola så "firade" vi i min familj det genom att ha en dag i stan där vi bland annat åkte paddan. Jag minns att jag trodde vi åkte runt hela världen då guiden pratade på både svenska och vad jag gissar på var engelska. Ett av mina bästa minnen iaf!

Från James

A beautiful day at Brännö


Back in June 2018 I graduated from my master in physics at the Copenhagen university. My parents threw some money at me and basically said: Son, take some time off, you’ve deserved it. Here’s some money, do something nice with it.

I have thus decided to take a trip to Göteborg for some days and stayed at Slottskogens Hostel. I wandered around in the city a bit, hung out with some people from the hostel but the most spectacular thing was definitely spending a large part of the day in Brannö!

A magical stay!

From Santosh

A great couchsurfing connection



I want to share a really special memory I had in Gothenburg in winter 2012. 

Anyway, Gothenburg is my favourite city all over the world, and I come back to this beautiful town quite often. Feel like home over there, and also plan to run the half marathon of the city in 2021.

My favourite memory was, like already mentioned, in winter 2012. I spent an Erasmus exchange semester in Växjö, and me and a friend, we went to Norway for 10 days. On our way back to Växjö, it was clear that we will spend one night in Gothenburg, as we will arrive so late that there will be no train connection anymore to Växjö.

So we decided to spend one night via couchsurfing.

We should arrive in Gothenburg at 9 in the evening, but unfortunately the train had to stop due to snow on Norwegian side. So we wrote our couchsurfing hosts that we will arrive later, and the answer was “no problem, we will pick you up at the bus station…roast chicken and wine is waiting for you”. This reaction was really special, especially mentioned that couchsurfing is for free. So we arrived between 11:30 and 12 in the night, and despite we arrived so late, our couchsurfing hosts picked us up, and even better and more special, waited for us to start with the dinner as they did not want to start without us. Our hosts were a young couple, between 25 and 35, she was Swedish and a student, and he was a painter, originally from Poland. Her brother was also there for a visit for a few days. 

So we started to eat, drank wine and we immediately had a great connection, nice talks and laughed a lot. It was so interesting to learn about their lives, and to share some moments of our live with them. We drank and talked until 3 or 4 in the night and went to sleep then.

In the morning, we were spoiled with the famous polish scrambled eggs and some delicious fruit salad, fresh bread…it was just amazing, the hosts were so welcoming and hospitable. You can also realize this by the fact that we slept til 11 in the morning, so we immediately felt like home. 

After late breakfast, it was time to say goodbye, but despite knowing each other for only 14 hours, we felt like we knew each other for much longer, and we gave us warm hugs for the goodbye.

I have been a fan of Gothenburg already before, since my first visit, but this memory made me even more clear, why I am so fascinated of this city: the people living there.

Above is a photo of the host couple which made our stay so amazing.

Regards from Germany, Sebastian 


Making the most of a one day stay

I am from Brazil and always wanted to know Sweden. In 2019 because of my work I traveled 12,000 km and arrived in Gothenburg. I have always admired Sweden and for that reason, before traveling I learned 3000 Swedish words to be able to communicate in some way with the people there.

It just so happened that I only had one day to stay in Gothenburg and I had arrived around 2 pm, so I made the most of it. I asked to play football with some people who were playing sports in some public fields near the hotel where I was and during the night I walked alone through much of the city taking some pictures.

The next day I went to Chalmers for my work appointment and unfortunately I had to leave. I loved the city and all of Sweden and I hope to return there, who knows to live in Gothenburg.

From Raphael

Love brought me to Gothenburg

Gothenburg gives me so much great and warm memories! I traveled there for the first time in 2019 and fell in love with it! I went to Gothenburg because my love lives nearby, so I spent beautiful hot days visiting Botanical Garden and Haga, and then I went to a small cute town Uddevalla to finally meet with my love for the 1st time after talking over the internet for 6 years! 

Then I came back to Gothenburg in November and was amazed by Christmas atmosphere and lights everywhere! I wish I visited some beautiful archipelagos because I still haven’t.

From Alice

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